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Plaque build-up left untreated can harden and become tartar. Over time the build-up creates pockets where the gum is forced away from the teeth which can lead to gum disease. PlaqClnz is a non-anesthetic teeth cleaning treatment designed for dogs and cats of all ages. It is a 3 step process. The first step is a pre-treatment for your pet's mouth during check-in. The next step is to gently flush your pet's mouth with the PlaqClnz oral irrigator during the bath to remove plaque and debris. I then post-treat with a plaque gel for continuous cleansing care.

PlaqClnz is:



Taste Free and Nonalcoholic


An effective way to prevent gum disease


Supporting of fresh breath and healthy teeth


*At All Fur Paws, PlaqClnz treatments are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Treatments run $40 to $60. Call for further details.

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